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Rates And Deposits

Yearly rates are subject to change, however, we will require a deposit as confirmation of your trip. This fee covers cost of licenses, and is a retaining fee that secures your position in our hunt schedule. If you cancel your hunt, you forfeit your deposit. Any funds paid above the initial deposit are fully refundable. The balance of the cost of your hunt is due on arrival, before the hunt begins.

Prices include license(s), taxes, guide service and camp accommodations for 5 days. Prices do not include extra transportation cost, accommodations outside camp, meat packaging (cutting, vacuum sealing etc), antler/cape preparation by taxidermist or shipment of product by air or ground transport. Taxi fares from and to airport are not included in the package price. For this years pricing and packages, please contact Crabbes River Outfitters.

Payment Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

To hunt big game in Newfoundland Labrador, a person must be 18 years of age by August 31 of the year for which the license is valid.

All game entering the United States from Canada requires a US Customs Declaration Form 3315, which should be obtained at US Customs when leaving the United States.

Non-resident hunters should ensure that their passport is in order before travelling!

A Non- Resident Firearm Declaration is required to bring firearms into and return from Canada. You must declare your firearms at a Canadian Customs port. For more information, contact 1-800-731-4000 or

We will ensure that your harvested animal is retreived from the country. If you choose to quarter your meat and transport it home, we can do that! If you would prefer that your meat is processed first, this can be arranged. Crabbes River does not process or store meat, however, there are several local businesses that can accomodate your requests. Typical options include skinning, cuts of choice, deboning, and vacuum sealing. Fees are the guests responsibility, typically 50-60 cents per pound (Canadian funds).

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