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Our two two main camps provide excellent access to the country. Our main camp is accessible by road, our guests park where we park and take a quick jaunt up the hill on ATV. Our ‘inside’ camp is another two hours in country by UTV. Both camps are rustic, clean and comfortable, with bathroom and showers, cozy bunks and hot meals. Our on-site cook will prepare quality traditional Newfoundland cuisine, including breakfast, lunch and supper. If you aren’t planning on returning to the camp for lunch we’ll brown-bag one for you. Or, you may get a chance to 'mug up' while on the country!

Whether you want an easy day of hunting or a rugged, long day in the wilderness, no two days of hunting are the same in the Newfoundland outdoor. Hunters may leave the camp on foot or be transported to their hunting location, we can accomodate special arrangements for hunters with limited mobility. Glass from one of our many viewpoints and spot your animal, then decide whether to work your way downwind for a perfect stalk, or wait for it to come to you. Tell your guide what you'd like to do! In the evenings, relax by the wood stove swapping stories or glassing the countryside.


With its massive proportions and antlers' size, the Moose is a mighty symbol of the rugged nature of the island of Newfoundland. A name given by the Algonquin tribe, Moose means "eater of twigs", and reflects the animal's primary diet of local vegatation.

Moose are well camoflauged in their environment, and favour abundant cover. This makes hunting the moose one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a hunter can enjoy. The "Spot and Stalk" technique will be your primary method of locating this animal, as you will find yourself glassing the countryside one moment, then crossing it the next in your search for your trophy animal.

Caribou caribou

The word "Caribou" is believed to come from a Micmac Indian word, "xalibou," which means one that paws, or shovels, in reference to their hooves. Compared to their barren-ground cousins, Woodland caribou are larger and somewhat darker. Their meat is very lean, making it a good nutritional choice for food hunters.

Woodland Caribou are constantly on the move over all terrains, but prefer to rest in areas where they remain visible. This, of course, makes glassing a productive and efficient way to locate your trophy. You will range across the rugged beauty of Newfoundland in search of these sometimes-elusive animals, but by the end of the day you will agree; the effort is definately worth it.

Woodland Caribou quotas have been significantly reduced over the last few years.

Black Bear

The Black Bear is a bulky and thickset mammal, mostly solitary, and capable of travelling great distances.

Crabbes River Outfitters uses baited stands for hunting Black Bear. When you are ready, you are taken to a stand and the bait is refreshed. Last minute instructions will be provided, and the rest is up to you... and your bear.

Low hunting pressure over the past few years has resulted in a healthy Black Bear population. 300 lb animals are regularly taken, and 500 lb bears are not uncommon. Our Spring Bear Package is available from May to July.

If a guest prefers, we also offer a Spot and Stalk style bear hunt, as well as the oppourtunity to break out the fishing rods. Yep, we offer the chance to try your hand at our Atlantic Salmon and local trout! Contact us for details.

Your day begins with an early rise and a hearty camp breakfast. Moose hunters leave at dawn. Bear hunters are taken to their stand at the appropriate time. Handheld radios keep our guides in contact with base camp, ensuring the quick retrieval of a successful hunt, or a speedy pick-up if the weather turns. Our guides know the countryside like they know our big game, so you can focus on your hunt knowing you’re in good hands. Your hunting experience is tailored to your wishes. Whether you want an easy day of hunting or a rugged, long day in the wilderness, no two days of hunting are the same in the Newfoundland outdoor.

ATV Experience!

Crabbes River Outfitters offers more than big game hunting. We also offer ATV tours and snow mobiling in the winter season. If you want to make your ATV a part of your experience, we can accomodate that too! Guests with ATV's get free range of our roadways, they and their guide can explore and select hunting sites. We have competitive rates for single hunts (caribou or moose) and double hunts (caribou and moose). We also offer discounts for parties of four on a double hunt. Bear hunters have the option of spring or fall season hunting.We specialize in big game, but we have loads of ways to keep you entertained while you're with us!

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